How to read P4Gold results

After the 20 minutes are up, remove your P4Gold test and place it down onto a flat surface next to your instruction leaflet for comparison. You must read the test the correct way up, with the yellow arrows pointing down.

If there is no control line, the test has failed. Please run a new test using the same sample.

LOW RESULT: If your test line is STRONGER than your control line, your bottom line is stronger than your top line, and your result is LOW. This means your cow is in heat and ready for AI.

MEDIUM RESULT: If your lines are EQUAL in intensity, your result is medium progesterone. Your cow is either coming into heat or just coming out of heat. You will need to re-test tomorrow to see if your result changes.

HIGH RESULT: If your test line is WEAKER than your control line or no test line, your result is high progesterone. Your cow is not in heat and could even be pregnant, so do not AI. Test again in 1 week to see if your result changes. If the result is still high in 21-24 days after AI, send your cow to pregnancy diagnosis.