Be sure of your herd fertility status today, with P4Gold. The new gold standard real time fertility tool.

What can P4Gold do for you?

✔ confirm heat

reduce calving intervals

✔ reduce risk of abortion

✔ detect silent heat

increase conception rates

increase milk yield

✔ give you the confidence you need to AI

✔ Indicate fertility issues

What is P4Gold?

P4Gold is a rapid 10 minute heat detection test for use in milk. It detects the level of progesterone in your cows milk, showing you exactly where they are in their oestrous cycle. It’s fast, easy and accurate. Brilliant for your cows that show no reliable signs or behaviours.

Never miss a heat or waste an AI. Find out more.

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In the UK you can buy P4Gold directly from us here.

Alternatively, vets and suppliers around the UK stock P4Gold. Give your vet a call to see if they stock us, or you can give us a call to ask where your nearest supplier is.

If you are international, please give us a call or email us to place your order.

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P4Gold helps you build a more productive and profitable herd. Because one quick and easy test will confirm whether or not your cow is in heat.

See what P4Gold will do for you


P4Gold gives you valuable information on a cow’s fertility, fast. And as a UK supplier you’ll enjoy an increase in your practice sales too.

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We give our team of distributors expert sales support. Exactly what you’d expect from a company known the world over as experts in their field.

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The most accurate heat detection tool on the market. Don’t risk another wasted heat, be sure today with P4Gold.

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