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Ridgeway Science (a division of Ridgeway Research) produces P4Gold here in the UK.

Since 1986, the Ridgeway group has worked closely with the veterinary, agriculture and research sectors. Leading the way in developing exciting new products and services as part of their commitment to farming, animal health and scientific excellence.

Today Ridgeway is known worldwide as an expert in progesterone testing for dairy farmers. Their testing kits are recognised globally as the gold standard by which other products are measured.

Ridgeway Science launched P4Rapid in 2014 with great success and global uptake of a revolutionary way of heat detection. Since then, they have been working to develop the next generation of P4Rapid – P4Gold. P4Gold brings this same gold-standard progesterone testing with a higher degree of accuracy, easier result reading and a more in-depth look into the fertility of your cow with an additional diagnostic result.

Be sure to improve your herd fertility, and try our new P4Gold test now.