A simple, 20-minute test to answer your heat-related questions and help you to boost your herd performance.

P4Gold is a simple 20-minute test used with milk.  In just a few minutes, it will confirm whether or not your cow is in heat. P4Gold is the ideal solution for cows that show no reliable signs or behaviours – which could be up to 30% of your herd.

P4Gold can help you in plenty of other ways too. It can improve your PD percentages, help your vet investigate poor fertility and work alongside other heat detection methods to remove false positives and ensure you AI at the right time.

Benefits of P4Gold

It can save you time, money, and more importantly, it prevents:

  • Wasted straws
  • Excessive technician fees
  • Excessive veterinary fees
  • Unnecessary culling
  • Extended calving periods
  • Calf loss

Easy, fast and accurate testing

Used on its own, P4Gold will give you clear and accurate information to help you manage the fertility of your herd. It works just as well alongside other heat detection devices and veterinary services.

Not all cows follow normal behaviour. Some don’t exhibit any signs to trigger heat monitors, and activity monitors can be triggered by something as simple as a cow running from a dog. This means the information you get from heat monitors is not always accurate. P4Gold is an in-milk test based on hormones, so with P4Gold, you can be sure.

Get more from your vet with P4Gold

P4Gold will help your vet diagnose unreliable and potentially cystic cows.

When you AI at the right time, you reduce the number of hormonal injections you give. This reduces contamination in the milk, helps you maintain optimum milk production (as the stress of injections can impair milk yield) and saves you money.

Don’t miss a heat again; use P4Gold today.

Contact your vet to see if they are stockists, or you can buy directly from us here.